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Unique offer. Exclusive villas from the owner.
Participate in the state program "citizenship in exchange for investments" — buy property in Cyprus and obtain the citizenship of the European Union!
For the whole family

Having bought the real estate, the buyer, his family and parents are entitled to obtain the EU passport

of applications for citizenship are approved

6 months

is the timeframe for obtaining a European passport after purchasing the real estate.

The fastest way to obtain the EU passport is to buy a house in Cyprus.

A manor in the mountains or a beachfront villa with the service of a five-star hotel?

Choose your perfect home in Cyprus:
Six reasons to choose Cyprus:
European passport
Citizenship for investors and property buyers after an investment of €2,000,000. No need to live in Cyprus. No donation to the state.
High living standard
Cyprus has been a member state of the European Union Since 2004. It provides good environment, educated population and a developed economy.
Mediterranean climate
Cyprus is one of the sunniest and most peaceful places on the planet.
Tax system
Cyprus has a system of reduced VAT on new housing — 5% (instead of 19%), as well as the lowest in the EU income tax and no withholding taxes on dividends and inheritance.
Quality medicine
Since ancient times the island has been famous for its medical traditions. Today there are professional doctors from Europe and modern medical centers.
Rich history
There are many ancient monuments, monasteries, picturesque villages, nature trails and stunning views.
Гражданство Евросоюза​ с покупкой недвижимости на Кипре

Citizenship of the European Union

Cyprus has the program "citizenship in exchange for investments" with the most comfortable conditions among all EU countries. After buying a Villa, you will easily obtain a passport of the European Union.

6 months — and the passport is yours

Citizens of other countries outside the EU can obtain citizenship of Cyprus after buying the property starting from 2 million euros. According to the state administration of Cyprus, 618 foreigners acquired the property and became citizens of the country from the beginning of 2017.

The price of real estate grows

The number of transactions for the purchase of housing in the last two years has increased by 33%. Housing in Cyprus is of most interest to residents of Russia and CIS countries, countries of the Middle East and Asia. Most of them prefer to settle in Limassol.

Excellent business environment

There is a predictable tax regime. In order to stimulate business activity and attract investment, in 2015 the government lowered the taxes for companies, citizens and real estate transactions.
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